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Netcare and Wits team up for vaccination site

C19 vaccine for students and their families at Wits Main Campus

Wednesday, 8 September 2021, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) students, alumni and their families and friends can now receive their COVID-19 vaccinations on the Wits main campus, thanks to a partnership between the University and the Netcare Group.

“It is a top health priority to ensure that everyone has easy access to the COVID-19 vaccine, which remains our best protection against this deadly virus,” says Mande Toubkin, general manager: emergency, trauma, transplant and corporate social investment at Netcare.

For at least the next three weeks until 23 September, the COVID-19 vaccination team from Netcare Milpark Hospital in collaboration with Professor Shabir Madhi, dean of the Wits Faculty of Health Sciences, will assist students from the university, staff, their families and others to receive their vaccines conveniently on campus.

The vaccination site opened on Monday, 6 September, in the Old Mutual Sports Hall at 1 Yale Road, Braamfontein, on the Main Campus of Wits University. The first in line to be vaccinated at the new site was the Wits student representative council (SRC) president, Mpendulo Mfeka, who was vaccinated by Prof Madhi himself.

There is no charge for people who are not on medical aid, and the vaccination will not affect the day-to-day benefit for those with medical aid. The site administers the Pfizer vaccine and is open on weekdays from 08:00 to 15:00. Those wishing to vaccinate simply need to bring their ID document or passport, and will be assisted to register their details on the electronic vaccination data system [EVDS] if they have not already done so.

Jacques Du Plessis, managing director of Netcare’s hospital division, thanked Prof Madhi and the University on behalf of Netcare for the opportunity to bring vaccinations to the Wits community. “I’m appealing to everyone, in your families and in your communities, bring your mother and father, your sister and your friends, and helpers at home, so that they can be protected. Please make the most of this opportunity for vaccination,” Du Plessis says.

This is another Netcare vaccination “pop-up” site and has initial capacity to vaccinate some 200 persons per day, which can be scaled up to meet demand as needed, answering the Department of Health [NDoH] and Business for South Africa’s [B4SA] call to bring the vaccine to the people. This adds to the four established Netcare Vaccination sites at Netcare Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, Netcare Lakeview Hospital in Benoni, Johannesburg, Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital, in Durban, and Old Mutual Park in Pinelands, Cape Town, which together are able to vaccinate 5000 people daily, Monday to Friday.

To date, Netcare has vaccinated more than 150 000 people including 33 000 healthcare workers at Netcare. An additional 22 Medicross vaccination sites are anticipated to further bolster the national vaccination rollout soon.

“In South Africa, some 13.7 million people have received at least one dose and approximately half of them are fully vaccinated with either the Johnson & Johnson or the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. We need to get to at least 35 million people by the end of the year, however with the vaccination apathy in society we are not likely to reach this level of protection. Unfortunately, we could expect a scenario that we will see a fourth wave from the middle of December and peaking in January,” Du Plessis said at the launch of the Wits vaccination site.

Prof Madhi encouraged the University’s 40 000 students to be vaccinated, as this not only reduces the chance of being infected and suffering serious illness but also of transmitting the virus to others. “The only sustainable manner in which we will be able to get back to a normal lifestyle is to ensure you can protect people, not necessarily only against getting infected, but most importantly to prevent people from developing severe disease and dying from COVID-19. The only thing that is available to us to achieve that goal is vaccines, despite what others might say on social media,” Prof Madhi said.

Toubkin expressed appreciation to Wits’ academic head of the emergency medicine division, Professor Feroza Motara, and academic head of the clinical associate division and chair of the COVID-19 logistics team, Scott Smalley, for their roles in bringing the initiative to fruition. “Thanks to the support of Prof Madhi, what was initially planned as a once off vaccination day has now turned into a three week campaign that will enable thousands of students and others in the Wits community to have this life-saving vaccine,” she adds.

“Many students and university staff have already made use of the COVID-19 vaccination site at Netcare Milpark Hospital. This new initiative brings vaccination even closer, making it more convenient than ever for those studying or working at Wits to be protected as far as possible against COVID-19,” Toubkin says.

“Although the vaccine is highly effective, it is still important to adhere to COVID-19 precautions including maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, practising proper hand hygiene and avoiding crowded, poorly ventilated places. The more people who are vaccinated, the greater the level of protection in our communities and in our country will be, which could save many thousands of lives.”

Yoti Die Griekse Boertjie Sterf

Die bekende Afrikaanse sanger, Yoti ,  is Donderdag aand dood aan die Covid-19 virus. Manie Jackson, wat jare lank ‘n baie goeie vriend van Yoti was, het die nuus Vrydagmiddag op sy Facebook gedeel nadat hy bevestiging van Yoti se suster gekry het.

“Dit was ‘n groot skok vir my.  Ons het twee dae gelede nog gesels en Yoti was só positief.  Hy het gesê hy ontvang goeie behandeling.”  Die 71-jarige Yoti was al reeds die 21ste Junie in die hospitaal opgeneem.  Hy moes ses ure in ‘n ambulans wag aangesien hospitale in Alberton reeds vol was.  Hy moes daarna in die hospitaal bly om aan te sterk as gevolg van skade aan sy longe.

Jackson en Yoti het ‘n hegte vriendskap gehad en Jackson beskou Yoti as sy mentor.  “Ek het nog as ‘n 18-jarige by hom vir raad gaan aanklop. Ek het by die Loizos-gebou opgedaag en nog op ‘n kasset vir Yoti gesing, vandaar het sy deur altyd net vir my oopgestaan.”  Jackson het vir ‘n wyle Yoti se klank behartig en voorafvertonings gedoen.  Later, toe Jackson self bekend was, het Yoti altyd kom groet en Jackson ondersteun as hy in die Alberton omgewing opgetree het.

“Hy was een van daardie ordentlike mense.  Hy het nie kwaad geword as iets verkeerd loop by ‘n vertoning nie, hy was altyd net vriendelik en dankbaar.”

Yoti, ‘n bekende in Alberton, het in die 80’s en 90’s bekendheid verwerf met sy unieke styl.  Hy het Afrikaanse liedjies gesing in ‘n Griekse styl.  Sy vertonings was lewendig en kleurvol, en Yoti sou sommer ‘n ander uitrusting vir elke liedjie aantrek.  Sy eie komposisie, Die Wit Angelier, was drie weke lank bo-aan die Afrikaanse treffersparade.

Die musiekpromotor Lydia Winchester, wat Yoti se skakelbeampte by die Decibel-platemaatskappy was, het gesê dat Yoti die dierbaarste mens was wat sy geken het.  Winchester was self in die hospitaal onlangs as gevolg van Covid-19, en het ook gesê die verlies van verskeie sangers en legendes in die musiekbedryf is baie moeilik om te verwerk.

“‘n Mens onthou die klein goedjies van Yoti.  Ek onthou hoe hy altyd vir my ‘

A sweet addition to the Blue Shirt Family!

We are proud to introduce a new member to the Blue Shirt Bakery family, Ouma se Spens.

Ouma se Spens was founded in 1987 selling homemade confectionery items out of their house in Cape Town. After observing how well their products performed in a handful of retail stores they realised there was a gap in the market for homemade products. They made a decision, they wanted to share their recipes that had been handed down for generations and share them with South Africa. So, in 2004 Ouma se Spens packed their bags and moved to Pretoria.

Ouma se Spens was the first bakery to introduce the now famous Kaapse Melktert (Cape Baked Milk Tart) into the industry after their journey from Cape Town to Gauteng. The Kaapse Melktert is now the most popular customer choice amongst other South African favourites such as Hertzoggies, Cupcakes and Lamingtons.

Hanlie and Konrad had this to say about joining the Blue Shirt Family:
“Ouma se Spens is in great hands, we (Blue Shirt Bakery and Ouma se Spens) share the same values and qualities that why we knew it would be the perfect fit. The Blue Shirt Bakery team will take the products to new heights.”

In summary, Ouma se Spens will still be found in-store with the same name, look, feel, quality and taste as before but only now part of a new family.

Netcare commits to bolster response and capacity to assist as many patients as possible

Netcare has released a statement committing to increase their response and capacity capabilities in the fight against Covid-19.
The statements reads:

Netcare continues to bolster response and capacity to assist as many patients as possible.

We are fully committed to doing the best we can for all patients seeking care at our facilities.

Friday, 25 June 2021, Netcare today said that it was continuing to bolster response levels and capacity to render assistance to as many patients as possible during the fast-escalating COVID-19 surge, which is currently being experienced, particularly in Gauteng.
“Our interventions are at all times aimed at doing the very best we can for all patients seeking care at any of our hospitals or clinics, while ensuring the safety of our frontline staff, doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare workers,” assured Dr Richard Friedland, chief executive officer of Netcare.
“We have substantially increased our COVID-19 bed capacity, contracted more resident medical officers and clinical associates and made every effort to ensure that we have adequate supplies of oxygen, the appropriate medication, as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to last us through this surge. We have also implemented additional strict infection prevention and control policies and demand fastidious adherence to these standard operating procedures, which are at all times aligned to the guidelines and protocols issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Department of Health (NDoH).


· Significant demands on hospital capacity

“The extremely high number of persons with COVID-19 seeking care at our hospitals – and with the numbers continuing to increase – has, however, placed significant demand on our facilities, requiring us to make decisions regarding levels of care and certain treatment modalities. All these decisions are based on recognised international guidelines of triage, which means that treatment is allocated based on priority, and transition of care.
“Our clinicians, nursing and management teams will provide the best care available to our patients, but may not, in circumstances where the demand exceeds or overwhelms the capacity, be able to provide all treatment options that may be available in normal, non-pandemic circumstances.
“Our clinicians will make these decisions based on the availability of resources and their best clinical judgement. We fully support them in this difficult task and complex decision-making process,” he said.
Dr Friedland went on to explain that in practical terms this may mean that levels of care such as ICU and High Care, ventilators or certain oxygen delivery modalities may not be available to all patients at all times.

· Further bolstering of resources

As part of our disaster management planning, we have commissioned Clinical Decision Units, at those Gauteng hospitals with emergency departments. This will ease the burden on the emergency department at these hospitals and will enable the stabilisation of patients prior to admission in a ward.
The Clinical Decision Units provide as a minimum oxygenation, ablution facilities and safe areas for donning and doffing of personal protective equipment for nurses and doctors.
Dr Friedland added that Netcare facilities throughout Gauteng continued to experience an unprecedented demand on bed capacity.
“We humbly request your understanding as we may not in certain instances be able to provide communication and updates as regularly as we would under normal circumstances. We have employed additional social workers at our facilities to provide both support to patients and their families. Next-of-kin of patients admitted are welcome to call the Netcare Family Connect line on 0800 111 266, and one of our trained call centre professionals will arrange for a dedicated hospital representative to provide them with personal feedback on how their loved one in hospital is doing,” added Dr Friedland.

· We’re working as hard as humanly possible on the frontline

“During these uncertain and difficult times, we appreciate the public’s patience and understanding, and I want to assure you that we are working as hard as humanly possible on the frontline to provide the best and safest care we can to our patients during this challenging time.
“The best way you can support South Africa is to take COVID-19 extremely seriously and be more cautious than ever. Please remain vigilant to help protect your loved ones, yourself, and the healthcare system. It is critical for each individual to closely adhere to COVID-19 precautions including washing their hands regularly, avoiding social gatherings, ensuring that your work and home environment is well ventilated, maintaining social distancing, and always wearing a mask in public and when in the presence of others, to protect themselves and to help prevent the spread of the virus.
“We cannot emphasise strongly enough the need for all these precautions to be diligently followed, as every person has a responsibility to help ‘flatten this new curve’ to avoid contracting and passing on the virus,” concluded Dr Friedland.

Factory on fire in Elandshaven, Alberton.

National Paramedics D01 and D03 as well as Fox / NPS response vehicles are on the scene. The cause of the fire is not yet clear and fire fighters are currently attempting to get the fire under control. All necessary services are on scene.
This is a developing story, and tame TIMES will update this article as more information becomes available.

Interactive Workbook | Grade 1 Numeracy #2

tame TIMES has put together a collection of DoE interactive workbooks for young children at home, in order to help children have fun while they learn about literacy and numeracy. 

The interactive workbooks have the ability to respond to learners’ inputs, allowing a TWO-WAY flow of information between the computer and the learner, including instant assessment feedback.

We hope you and your children enjoy the first workbook in the collection, Grade 1 Numeracy #1

Click here to open the workbook.

Interactive Workbook | Grade 1 Numeracy #1

tame TIMES has put together a collection of DoE interactive workbooks for young children at home, in order to help children have fun while they learn about literacy and numeracy. 

The interactive workbooks have the ability to respond to learners’ inputs, allowing a TWO-WAY flow of information between the computer and the learner, including instant assessment feedback.

We hope you and your children enjoy the first workbook in the collection, Grade 1 Numeracy #1

Click here to open the workbook.

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