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“As many as we can get out we should,” – Biden

“As many as we can get out we should,” – Biden

US President Joe Biden said in an interview that aired on Thursday that war is not the answer to growing fears for the human rights of women in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

Footage and reports of the evacuations and Afghans desperately trying to escape the country have been viral on social media. While Biden honoured Trump’s plan to evacuate the country, many have questioned the merits of the move.

Women’s rights activists and organisations have been pleading for a solution amidst growing fears for the safety of women in Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden however said that war would not be the rational solution to the problem. Instead, Biden favours economic and diplomatic pressure in an effort to ‘change the behaviour’ of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“As many as we can get out we should,” he said.

Spokespersons for the Taliban still maintains that the laws of Islam will be imposed ‘softly’ and that women will be allowed to work while following the rules of Sharia law.

“The idea that we’re able to deal with the rights of women around the world by military force is not rational,” Biden said in the ABC News interview, his first since the Taliban victory triggered a frantic final US withdrawal.

Referring to the Uighur ethnic minority in China and other areas of the world facing extreme human rights abuses, Biden said “the way to deal with that is not with a military invasion.”

“There are a lot of places where women are being subjugated,” he said. “The way to deal with that is putting economic, diplomatic, and international pressure on them to change their behavior.”

Biden told ABC that many women were trying to leave Afghanistan through the US evacuation at Kabul’s airport.

The president said he told advisors to “get them out, get their families out.”




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