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ANC beats IEC deadline to register candidates for elections

ANC beats IEC deadline to register candidates for elections

As the clock ticks down for parties to register their councillor candidates with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), African National Congress (ANC) insiders said that the party had already beaten the clock.

This is a huge turnaround for the governing party, which recently found itself scrambling after initially failing to register candidates for more than 20 municipalities.

The current registration period closes at 5pm on Tuesday afternoon.  Opposition parties have largely rejected this move, accusing the IEC of helping the ANC when it re-opened councillor nomination lists.

This debate was brought to an end by the Constitutional Court which ruled on Monday that the move was lawful.

It seems that critics of the ANC will have to wait on the electorate to send the governing party a message.

Its fortunes appear to have turned around from facing a disaster of not being able to contest in all the country’s wards to now meeting the IEC deadline with a day to spare.

Last month, the ANC failed to register and pay deposits.

But this time around in a message to national executive committee members, the party said that more than 4,000 wards and more than 200 local districts and metros now had representatives.

It also said that the IEC’s system confirmed this on Monday night.

But the IEC is not giving much away, with Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo only saying that the commission would make public certified lists on 28 September.

“We will be interacting with all parties if there are any issues of non-compliance we have to resolve. And on 28 September, we will issue a certified list formally.”

The IEC’s deadline to register candidates is at 5pm.




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