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AfriForum – Forced quarantine regulations scrapped

AfriForum – Forced quarantine regulations scrapped

These regulations, which AfriForum regards as draconic and irrational, were aimed at putting everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 under compulsory state quarantine.

The Minister agreed that AfriForum’s application should be made an order of court, which determines that the regulations should be read in such a manner that people who are able to effectively self-isolate, be allowed to do so.

AfriForum’s application was based on the fact that these regulations are, according to the organisation, unconstitutional, illegal and irrational.

The regulations determine, among other, that everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 – regardless of whether they show any symptoms – will soon be put in the government’s isolation facilities.

The Department failed to oppose AfriForum’s application.

These regulations would have given the state the power to force people into quarantine without their permission – even under circumstances where the person may be able to effectively self-isolate.

It would consequently have given law enforcers and the state too much power under the guise of combatting the spread of the virus.

“The importance of civil rights organisations and institutions that oppose autocratic and irrational decisions by government has become increasingly clear during this lockdown. When the government abuses its power and try to bully the public by violating people’s rights, AfriForum will stand up against it – to the benefit of everyone in the country,” says Monique Taute, Head of Campaigns at AfriForum.

This is the second court victory that AfriForum has achieved against the government relating quarantine regulations. The same court ruled earlier this month that the horrible Zithabiseni quarantine camp near Groblersdal had to be closed and that the people being quarantined there had to be allowed to go home.





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