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A sweet addition to the Blue Shirt Family!

A sweet addition to the Blue Shirt Family!

We are proud to introduce a new member to the Blue Shirt Bakery family, Ouma se Spens.

Ouma se Spens was founded in 1987 selling homemade confectionery items out of their house in Cape Town. After observing how well their products performed in a handful of retail stores they realised there was a gap in the market for homemade products. They made a decision, they wanted to share their recipes that had been handed down for generations and share them with South Africa. So, in 2004 Ouma se Spens packed their bags and moved to Pretoria.

Ouma se Spens was the first bakery to introduce the now famous Kaapse Melktert (Cape Baked Milk Tart) into the industry after their journey from Cape Town to Gauteng. The Kaapse Melktert is now the most popular customer choice amongst other South African favourites such as Hertzoggies, Cupcakes and Lamingtons.

Hanlie and Konrad had this to say about joining the Blue Shirt Family:
“Ouma se Spens is in great hands, we (Blue Shirt Bakery and Ouma se Spens) share the same values and qualities that why we knew it would be the perfect fit. The Blue Shirt Bakery team will take the products to new heights.”

In summary, Ouma se Spens will still be found in-store with the same name, look, feel, quality and taste as before but only now part of a new family.




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