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Woman gave birth in a Fire Engine

A healthy baby boy was born in an Ekurhuleni fire engine in Edenvale on Monday, 5 February 2019.

Firefighters from Edenvale fire station were on their way back from a vehicle fire call when they were alerted to a maternity patient in her midtwenties who was in active labor on the side of the road. The incident happened at the corner of Van Riebeeck and 7th Streets in Edenvale.

Firefighters were alerted by members of the public and had to stop immediately for inspection. It was found that the water had already broke and patient was already in active labor. The patient was taken in the fire engine and was speedily driven to the fire station to perform necessary medical treatment. Just before the vehicle could stop, while still at the main entrance of the fire station, a healthy baby boy was born, in the fire engine.

Patient medical care for both the mother and the baby was rendered prior to transportation by ambulance to Edenvale hospital for further medical care.