We won’t be eating at Spur for a while.

Spur has announced that their restaurants wont re-open at the end of the lockdown, as physical distancing rules are expected to apply again.

Spur closed

Spur Groups Chief Operating Officer, Mark Farrelly said in a letter to their landlords, that Rocomamas and Panarottis,

which fall under the group will also remain closed as long as they face restrictions regarding the amount of customers allowed in the restaurant and selling alcohol.


“On average our turnover has dropped over 70% and it proved impossible to run a viable business with the restrictions in place.

One of our major concerns is that we are going into winter ( flu season) and rightfully, people will continue to be alarmed by anyone coughing or sneezing,”Farrelly wrote.


When the Spur restaurants open again, landlords can only expect no more than 6% of turnover as a rental payment.


Spur has over 600 outlets and their franchisees employee more than 30 000 people.


Source: Business Insider


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