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Vosloorus hospital accused of tribalism

Tlangie Patricia Chavalala, an employee at Botshelong/Empilweni Clinix in Vosloorus has accused the the hospital of tribalism.
She posted on her facebook page about her ordeal and since her statement has been making rounds on social media.  See her statement below:
“Guys tribalism exists..I can’t believe that today I was on the meeting with manangers for speaking xitsonga with a tsonga speaking person….the night super told me to speak english while I was booking the bed at other ward though the person I was speaking with it’s a tsonga..And she is also black .I continued speaking xitsonga and this morning she reported me .I tried to talk for my self that everyone here are speaking with their own languages I’ve never heard you correcting them..she responded..she doesn’t have problem with other languages but she cant hear xitsonga..and then she told me to speak zulu or sotho..why not my this hospital everyone is speaking on their on language
What is this mara?how am I suppose to feel..Let’s fight for our language guys….I tried to be strong on their presence but i can’t help it I’m hurt…it’s as if I was speaking a foreign language”
tame TIMES is investigating the matter