Trendy Face Masks you can order online

Trendy Face Masks you can order online

Small businesses and fashion houses are now selling hip and trendy face-masks across South Africa, and they are so affordable.

Here are some of our favourites!

Loin Cloth & Ashes

The brand was founded by Tanzanian-born, South-African-raised designer Anissa Mpungwe.

The awarded-winning brand’s clothing retail between R300 and over R4,000 a piece. Their custom masks, however, retail for R39 and can be ordered from the website.

Marianne Fassler

Award-winning designer Marianne Fassler’s masks are made from her team’s homes, to Leopard Frock standards, she says on her Instagram.

Fabric cloth face masks

@mariannefasslerofficial (Instagram)

All masks are three-layered with a breathable layer in-between. The masks retail from R80 and can be ordered by contacting Aldene on 084 654 3227

Black Coffee

Black Coffee’s cloth face masks retail between R80 and R190.

Cloth Face Masks


A portion of the masks’ sale will be going MES ‘s Covid-19 Fundraiser. The masks can be ordered online.


Inga Atelier

Inga Gubeka’s leather bags are so popular, even president Cyril Ramaphosa has one.

While a single Inga Atelier bag can set you back over R3,000, Gubeka’s custom masks cost R199 for two and includes delivery.

Gubeka studied interior design at the Durban University of Technology and founded his first company, Indalo D├ęcor, in 2012. He later resigned and started Inga Atelier to focus on nothing but luxury leather accessories.

Orders can be made via email on or call 0789026434 for more information.

Mzansi Masks

Mzansi Masks is selling masks retailing between R90 and R100. You can order their masks online.

The masks are available in child and adult sizes in a variety of fun designs and colours.


Ballo, a Cape Town company known for making sunglasses, clothes, hat hangers, and even pots from recycled materials, has also joined the call to make cloth face masks.


The masks are made from discarded pieces of material at R150 per unit. They are also giving away 1 mask for free, to someone in need, for every mask purchased on their website.

The masks feature a pleated double layer cotton cloth construction and easy to fit elastic-over-ear design. You can order the masks online.


Source: Business Insider



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