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Thieves steal exhumation liquid containing 97% alcohol

Thieves steal exhumation liquid containing 97% alcohol.

According to IOL, Freestate Police Spokesperson, Brigadier Motantsi Makhele said that a burglary occurred at the Rest and Peace Funeral Parlour in Clocolan.

Suspects broke into the mortuary and stole embalming powder and exhumation liquid which contains 97% alcohol concentrate.

According to the police the burglars gained entry into the Funeral Parlour by allegedly breaking down the roller door. Once inside the mortuary they broke into the steel cabinet which contained the embalming powders and the exhumation liquid.

Embalming powder is used to preserve the deceased bodies and to prevent possible infections to humans, Makhele explained.

“It is mostly used when the body will be transported across the border and/or for a long journey between countries. The stolen powders are white in colour, while some are shaped like gold crystals. They can destroy human bones and flesh instantly. Exhumation liquid is 97% alcohol and is also used to prevent smell and infections when the remains of the deceased are being dug up from the grave for further investigations,”Makhele said.

The exhumation liquid was in two bottles, each weighing 2kg and the suspects took both, said Makhele.

It is still unclear what the suspects were intending to do with the exhumation liquid and embalming powder.

Since the lockdown occurred and the ban on alcohol still not lifted due to the regulations, there have been several reports circulating that desperate people have resorted to drinking hand-sanitisers which contains up to 70% alcohol. Two people also allegedly died from drinking home-made beer in Port Nolloth.

No suspects have been arrested yet and anyone who has information about the suspects and the stolen embalming powder and exhumation liquid can contact the Clocolan police station.

Source: IOL
Photo Credit: Unsplash


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