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A note from the Editor

A note from the Editor

Dis Saterdag, of Woensdag, eintlik weet mens nie meer nie. Jy lewe in dwaal van onsekerheid, dis amper agt weke en dit voel soos agt jaar.


This past week has proven to be rather interesting, between being told how to wear your clothes,  no clear answer of what parents can expect regarding the opening of schools, the spike in Covid-19 cases over the weekend, the possibility that some districts will go to level 3 and others not, it’s like drinking a delicious  chocolate milkshake and your brain freezes.


Ek is soms te bang om my foon aan te skakel in die oggende, want wat op aarde gaan ons nou weer tref? In daardie oomblik van paniek waar jou gedagtes met jou weghardloop, is dit bitter moeilik om  iets te vind wat jou net weer normaal laat voel.


Mahatma Gandhi said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”


This might seem impossible under our current circumstances, but sometimes you just have to switch off and not let your blood pressure spike. Its also important to be OK with the fact that today, you are not OK. It is impossible to just be strong all the time, we are not superhumans.


So today, I am washing those feet in Jik.

Renate Potgieter

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