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Shocking food price increase of 30%

Shocking food price increase of 30%

According to a recent research report on hunger, the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group(PMBEJD), has revealed that families living in low income homes are now paying a staggering 30% more for groceries than before the lockdown .


While prices are skyrocketing the report by the PMBEJD has questioned how serious the government really is about helping those in dire need during this pandemic.


A basket of basic household food goods has increased by R249.92 in the two months since the lockdown started.


The report indicates, due to families being home all day, the food in homes are running out faster  and the frequency at which households need to buy food has also increased.  Households may be spending as much as R500 more on extra food per month because of this.


The research suggests that households spent as much as R724.01 more in May, than they did two months ago for the same items in their basket.


With consumers struggling to afford groceries, many are now either loaning money or buying on credit to make up for the increase in prices.


​Here is the list of the grocery items that has seen an increase in cost,

  • Rice – 26%
  • Cake Flour – 3%
  • White Sugar – 6%
  • Sugar Beans – 18%
  • Cooking Oil – 11%
  • White Bread – 15%
  • Brown Bread – 14%
  • Potatoes – 8%
  • Onions – 58%
  • Tomatoes – 12%
  • Carrots – 22%
  • Spinach – 13%
  • Cabbage – 22%


The research is from communities in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZula-Natal, but the same strain and price increases are relevant to consumers across the country.

The PMBEJD Household Food Basket include average prices over five supermarkets and four butcheries.



Click on the link to read the full report from the Pietermartizburg Economic Justice and Diginity Group.



 Source: capetownetc

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Gender Based Violence Increased

Gender Based Violence Increased

Gender Based Violence increased with 500% since Lockdown


Since the onset of the lockdown, the number of gender-based violence (GBV) cases has risen by 500%.


Accoring to IOL, Molefi Takalo, Lifeline SA Chief Executive said on Tuesday that the number of GBV distress calls had increased from 12,000 to almost 80,000 since the onset of the lockdown.

“The number of interactions we’re receiving through the line are astronomical during this time of restricted movement.”


The Carling Black Label initiative, #NoExcuse  recently started a Whatsapp line as a platform for victim and perpetrators of GBV.

“The daily interaction rate has increased tremendously and the volume of calls is 10 times higher,”Takalo said.


The #NoExcuse campaign is not only a reporting platform for victims, but is also aimed at men who are struggling to deal with their frustrations during the lockdown.


The campaigns ambassador, Dr Musawenkosi Mthombeni said abuse was a silent killer.

“It is important for those who are looking for help in situations of abuse, whether the victim or the aggressor, are able to get help through platforms such as this #NoExcuse Whatsapp line.”


Mthombeni added that men needed to have an honest discussion among themselves and stand up and do something about Gender Based Violence.


Carling Black Label’s brand director, Arné Rust, said the initiative was “to encourage people to be brave and give them a way to get help”.


“This WhatsApp line gives victims of abuse, who could be men or women, a way to get counselling silently. It also puts men, who are struggling to be their inner champion, in touch with a mentor, someone to talk to, so that they can start on the journey to be champion men. All of this can now happen silently,” Rust said.


“People can send the word Brave to 0800 150 150 and get in touch with the right organisations to get the help they need.




Sources: City Press News, IOL

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