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The online school everyone is talking about

The online school everyone is talking about

The online school everyone is talking about.

According to Business Tech, Curro, the private school group is launching Curro Online. This will be its first online school which aims to provide a flexible education model. The classes will be taught by current Curro teachers.


Jay Paul, Curro online business manager said, “We’ve been developing our digital education offering for some time now, which is evident with our recently launched DigiEd Model.”


“As part of the design process, we decided to rethink how home-schooling distance learning is currently being offered. Many parents are also concerned about sending their children back to school once schools reopen, especially those with immune-compromised family members living in the same household. Curro Online is a response to all these pressing needs,” said Paul.


What you need to know about Curro Online

  • Curro Online is not a home-schooling model, where parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching and continuous supervision.
  • It is a learn-from-home online model that is aligned with Curro’s enhanced CAPS curriculum
  • The model’s online material is created and taught by Curro teachers.
  • There is a structured timetable in place for the learner that needs structure
  • There is also an option to be flexible for those learners that work well at their own pace.
  • The timetable includes teachers initiating each class and guiding learners through pre-set material on the online platform.
  • The Curro Online platform has an easy-to-follow curriculum with a variety of video material, recorded live lessons and other learning material.
  • Curro Online will be taught by a dedicated Curro teacher per subject, per grade, for the whole year.
  • The teaching model combines flexible learning through pre-set material
  • There is live interaction whereby learners can ask teachers for help and also receive detailed feedback on their progress.
  • The school will be English-medium
  • Grades 4 – 9 with new grades being phased in every year.
  • Matric learners will write the IEB examination.
  • Curro Online learners will also have access to an educational psychologist for virtual consultations if needed.


Source: BusinessTech

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home school

Considering homeschooling?

Considering homeschooling? Here is all the information you need.


Home Education

Home Education is a programme alternative to attending public or independent schools where a parent of a learner of compulsory school going age may provide education for his/her own child/ren at home.


Do you prefer to teach your child at home?

If so, apply to the head of your Provincial Education Department to register your child for Home Education. The lesson you offer your child must fall within the scope of the following compulsory phases of education:


  • foundation phase (grades 1-3)



  • intermediate phase (grades 4-6)



  • senior phase (grades 7-9)



What records do I have to keep?

After  your child has been registered for Home Education you must keep the following:

  • record of attendance
  • portfolio of the child’s work
  • up- to- date records of the child’s progress
  • portfolio of the educational support given to the child
  • evidence of the continuous assessment of the child’s work
  • evidence of the assessment and or examination at the end of each year
  • evidence at the end of grade 3,6 and 9, that shows whether your child has achieved the outcomes for these grades


How do you apply?

Apply electronically, using the applicable application form, to the head of your Provincial Education Department and attach the following documents with you:

  • parent/s certified ID copy
  • In case of foreign nationals certified copies of passport /study permit/work permit/Asylum document is required
  • last copy of school report (if the child was in school before, but if the child is only starting school now you must attach an immunisation card)
  • weekly timetable which includes contact time per day
  • breakdown of terms per year (196 days per year)
  • learning programme
  • certified copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Timeframes

It may take up to 30 days for your applications to be processed.


How much does it cost?

The service is free.


Forms that you need to complete.

The application forms can be downloaded.


  • Gauteng



  • Eastern Cape



  • Free State



  • KwaZulu-Natal



  • Limpopo



  • Mpumalanga



  • North West



  • Northern Cape



  • Western Cape



Know your home education coordinators


Ms EM Chaane & Ms LZ Brown

012 357 4105/4106

Chaane.m@dbe.gov.za/ brown.l@dbe.gov.za


Eastern Cape

Ms M N Ndzunga

040 608 4186



Free State

Mrs N Mokone

0514470038/ 0037




Ms C Motshwane

010 600 6202



KwaZulu Natal

Ms D Motloli





Ms  M Baloyi





Dr  M Pieterse




Northern Cape

Mr  K Mhlom

053 839 6356



North West

Ms P Pule




Western Cape

Mr  D Louw





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