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Sage advice from an experienced entrepreneur

Robin Wheeler is founder of BEntrepreneurING, a global speaker enlightening corporations and entrepreneurs, and author of the INSIGHTS series of books on ‘being yourself for a living’.

tame TIMES had the privilege to spend some time with Robin Wheeler.

1. How can you empower someone that is fearful of starting their own business?
. Starting your own business is the best route to authentic empowerment but you should think bigger than just business. Do some soul-searching, get in touch with who you are, what you are good at, what you love and what you want to achieve in life. Then look at what the world genuinely needs and align the fulfilment of your potential with being of service to others for the benefit of all.
This gearing will plug you into your purpose and deep inspiration, which will override fear and stand you in good stead as you travel the challenging and rewarding journey of ‘being yourself for a living’, as I call it. Your business will keep evolving, especially in the beginning, so be open to learning intensely as you create your vision.

2. What steps do you think an entrepreneur must take after failing?

Failure is difficult because we have been raised to fear and avoid it, whereas it is fundamental to growing, innovating and forging your unique service to the world. This can prevent you starting out or make you give up too soon. How can you fail at being yourself for a living, though? You can only keep ripening and growing richer in experience and value.
Process the emotions, develop a small support network to help you, and resurrect yourself from the ashes with greater insight, wisdom, patience, inspiration and resolve. Love rather than judge yourself, because you are your business and your wellness and happiness come first.

3. Do you believe all entrepreneurs are leaders?

Entrepreneurs are inherently leaders because we break from convention, develop our own vision, take and manage risk, influence others in our businesses and our markets, grow wiser as we handle the challenges of independence and interdependence, and increasingly change the world.
Leadership is personal, though, and so each entrepreneur does it in their own way. Trust your own intelligence and unique path and learn from others without getting too drawn into the collective knowledge doing the rounds. Entrepreneurship and leadership are spirited endeavours and roles that call on your inner wisdom. You were born to be yourself, which is inherently a leadership role.

4. What should entrepreneurs look for in their employees?

Each entrepreneur will know best what they need to look for in employees, or, as I do, know not to employ people but to work with other entrepreneurial businesses that share the same soul and approach. Other entrepreneurs already share and show the substance that makes up the base of your enterprise, so build your network with likeminded partners.
If you do employ others you will want people aligned with the essence of your work and those ready to grow with you over time so that you can all be yourselves for a living together. Spirit and culture far surpass skills. People needn’t be the same as you, as a wise entrepreneur will surround themselves with a team that complements and supplements their own strengths.

Keep growing in awareness and the combination of your inner knowing and the world around you will keep showing the way. Honour yourself and use your happiness and fulfilment as your guide. Help others be successful as we all co-create a sustainable and thriving planet together and you will keep living the joys of being yourself for a living.