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On Friday,  26 October, Robin Wheeler, author, motivational speaker and past pupil of BPS, went to inspire the Bedfordview Primary learners with his talk to guide our children into the ever-changing future.
He was excited to return to his old school community and was impressed with the true diversity that represents South Africa; the passion of the staff and enthusiasm of the learners. His message, Be Yourself, was simple; however he had lots of wisdom to share. He encouraged the learners not to simply just fit into the box – the old way of doing things, but rather to be an individual and to think for themselves.
He also encouraged the learners to be creative and to take responsibility for their own place in the world, by taking the opportunities that are presented to them and being their own hero (who is someone who does the right thing even when it is difficult). And finally to always take a chance. His talk was enjoyed by all and it was encouraging to have an international author and speaker return to the foundation that is Bedfordview Primary.
It is yet again another indication of the high standards of excellence that BPS is producing, making a difference in the lives of many, changing the world one learner at a time.
You can visit Robin at and also follow Robin on Twitter @RobinBEING and Instagram: robinbeing

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Garin Joemath

Garin Joemath, born and raised in Johannesburg, is an Editor at a local community newspaper called the tame TIMES for 3 years now.

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