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Report on RDP Housing Development in Mayberry Park

Statement by: Cllr Marina van Wyk (Ward 94)

On 26 February 2019, I attended a meeting called by the City of Ekurhuleni Project Manager Sam Amoa, at the Thokoza CCC with regards to the proposed RDP Housing Development, earmarked for the portion of Palmietfontein between Vereeniging, Hennie Alberts, Delphinium and JG Strijdom Roads in Ward 94.

After the meeting, I reported back to the community of Ward 94 to inform them of the proposed development. The residents of Mayberry Park were unaware of the proposed project and demanded a public meeting for more information.

This public meeting was held on 26 March 2019 at the Civic Centre. Shuma Africa, who is the appointed Consultant for the project addressed the residents. The residents were not satisfied with the answers and requested a follow-up Participation Meeting with the MMC.

To date, almost 500 residents of Mayberry Park have objected to this development due to the lack of public participation. A petition is being circulated to voice the objections of the residents. It is the right of all residents to be informed of proposed developments in their wards.

Public Participation is a process designed to include residents in the decision making and planning of the wards that they live in. Developments as large as this have a major impact on the area that it is intended for. It is therefore critical that all residents of the Ward be informed and satisfied of the positive effect that such a development may have on their immediate environment, as well as any possible negative effects this development may have.

The residents of the Ward must be given a platform to voice their concerns, objections or satisfaction with such a project.

The MMC has accepted the invitation to attend a Public Participation Meeting on Tuesday, 21 May at 18:30 at Bracken Park Community Hall, Hennie Alberts Street, Mayberry Park. All residents of Mayberry Park are invited to attend the meeting.