Re-engineering of Schooling

Re-engineering of Schooling: Department of Basic Education is now proposing that the school time-table be rearranged.


The options the departments director-general, Mathanzima Mweli, discussed during a virtual meeting with the governing body associations and principles associations are as follows,

  • To allow different grades to attend classes on alternate days of the week or in alternate weeks
  • A platoon system in which pupils in certain grades attend classes in the morning and others in the afternoon.


The following bodies participated in the meeting, the Federation of Governing Bodies of SA Schools, Governing Body Foundation, National Association of School Governing Bodies (NASGB) and the SA Principles Association.


According to Timeslive, during the presentation on the re-engineering of schooling, Mweli told the meeting that schools should only operate at 50% of their normal capacity.


During the presentation some of the basic principles around organising the timetable were discussed which included,

  • departmental regulations
  • the type of school
  • the time left in the school calendar
  • differentiation in the level of difficulty of different subjects.


The Departments Chief Director for School Health, Dr Faith Kumalo, did a presentation on co-morbidities affecting teachers, and how the department planned to address this current issue.


A member who attended the meeting said Kumalo had mentioned that teachers who were 60 years and older and in good health, would not be considered as a high risk and could report for duty.


This document is expected to be discussed at a special meeting of the Council of Education Minsters (CEM) on Monday 18 May, with Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga and the nine provincial education MEC’s.


Motshekga was expected to address the nation about the preparations for the opening of schools on Monday, but this has now been scheduled for Tuesday 19 May.


Source: TimesLive


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