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Plea for dignity for Mkhonyovu residents

The City of Ekurhuleni’s (CoE) water, sewerage and solid waste disposal systems cannot cope with the increased population density at its informal settlements.

Residents of Mkhonyovu Extension 7 in Ward 101 in Palm Ridge are experiencing huge service delivery issues which include sewer blockages and potholes.

The CoE is failing to fix the potholes and sewages despite being alerted to the problem.

According to Cllr Golden Maduana, during a recent oversight inspection conducted, the merger of the sewage and greywater drainage systems was found to be a major problem.

“The road network across the CoE is in a poor condition due to a lack of timeous road maintenance and inadequate stormwater systems,” he said.

Several streets including the main road, Namhlanje, are flooded with green sewage-filled water, where children are often seen playing and walking.

Consequently, backlogs are created within the sewage systems and by the time they are emptied, the amount of pollution build up is highly extensive. This leads to increased levels of chemical elements such as nitrogen and phosphorous, which pose a serious health risk for residents who often complain about the bad smell and sewage flowing into their homes.

Cllr Maduana further alleges that this issue has been ongoing for years and the community’s pleas have been ignored by the ANC Ward Councillor.

“The ANC-led City of Ekurhuleni does not care about the well-being of its people. The DA will not stand and watch while the CoE gambles with the lives of residents,” said Cllr Maduana

“Only the DA can bring change that builds one South Africa for all through better roads, water and sanitation,” he concluded.



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