Pay it forward

Pay it forward

Our community is struggling and all of us can do our part. Some of us are fortunate enough to still have an income,

and if ever there has been a time to pay it forward, the time is now.


We at Tame Times have received so many messages of readers asking where they can assist.


A resident of Alberton, Alta McMaster and founder of the Epic Foundation has been inundated with phone calls for relief.

“The phone hasn’t stop ringing from all the NGO’s across my network. Everyone is hungry, they don’t even have the basic necessities and our funds are running low,

since we solely rely on financial donations from the public,” said Alta McMaster.


The Epic Foundation has won numerous awards for their incredible work with abused woman, children and survivors of rape.

Today the Epic Foundation donated toiletries to Amcare who is in dire need.


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