Online mathematical videos to assist your child

Online Mathematical videos to assist in your child’s home schooling


View these online mathematical videos to assist in your child’s home schooling from¬†educator, trainer and researcher, Liezel Blom.



Liezel Blom, Mathematics educator for over 25 years and founder of SATeacher in 2003, is the most published Mathematics author in South Africa with more than 300 titles.


She already trained more than 12 000 educators and parents, from the most rural schools to the most sophisticated and well performing private schools in South Africa.


Her hands-on and practical approach to mathematics makes her the most sought-after facilitator in South Africa.


All techniques and methodology shared in her sessions, and now online lessons, are based on best practice that was international researched.


It is practical, easy to apply and makes a difference in understanding Mathematics for teachers and learners alike.


Grades 1-3 and Grades 4 -7

The youtube channel is: /

and the supporting resources can be downloaded from


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