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Old scam new tricks – Katlehong North SAPS warns

The SAPS has issued a warning statement regarding an old modus operandi scam that recently resurfaced.

Criminals syndicates are posing to community as prophets (pastors) and tell you a story about your health problems, marriage, unemployment and winning of money through gambling.

“The prophet starts prophesying you and ask you to go the shop to buy some candles or milk to cleanse your house in order to clean your house from the bad luck, creating an opportunity for the suspect to be alone at the house.  You should never leave your house alone with an unknown person” said Captain Mathobela

He further stated that, when you come back you will find that some of your valuables are missing, example from the last reported incidents a TV set, laptop, etc. that can be carried out, was taken from the houses.

“We also respect people’s beliefs but be careful.”

In most cases they will expect you to go out of your house in order to “cleanse” it from the “bad luck”.

How you can avoid this scam:

  1. Do not allow a stranger in your house or left him /her.
  2. Do not talk to any stranger about your problems.
  3. Avoid talking/sharing to any unknown person about your success concerning your life achievements.
  4. Please, always contact your local police station or your neighbour.




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