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No active communication at Klopper Park Clinic

The Klopper Park Clinic situated in ward 92, Ekurhuleni Metro has had no active internet or telephone communication for the past year.

This was revealed yesterday during an oversight inspection conducted by Democratic Alliance (DA) Germiston Constituency Head, Michele Clarke MP accompanied by other DA Councillors.

Clarke argues that the Ekurhuleni Metro is aware of these problems but has not dealt with them.

“This puts enormous pressure on the clinic staff as they need to drive to the nearest clinic on a daily basis to submit reports and to use the telephone when necessary. This takes away time and man power that could be used to provide much needed health care services to the community,” said Clarke.

Further to this the Clinic is in dire need of space upgrades, currently staff are not able to service the amount of community members that frequent the clinic on a daily basis, this request has been on the IDP for the past ten years but has not materialized.

The area in which the clinic operates has grown substantially over the last 10 years.

tame TIMES understands that another major issue that was raised is that there are currently no Doctor services being offered on a weekly basis and no qualified pharmacist present at the clinic.

“The clinic also does not get assistance from Ekurhuleni Ambulance Services when patients need to be transported to the hospital and therefor solely rely on the services of the Provincial Ambulance Services, which at times can take up to four hours to arrive,” concluded Clarke.

Questions have been submitted to Parliament around these matters.


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Garin Joemath, born and raised in Johannesburg, is an Editor at a local community newspaper called the tame TIMES for 3 years now.

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