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New Year’s Resolution 2020

Like most people, I normally let my guard down during December, because my diet plan is thrown out of the window.

My family and I visited my younger brother in Pietermaritzburg for the holidays, where my body went into shock mode because of all the forbidden foods eaten that I normally avoid throughout the year.

The usual suspects, fatty meats, breads, fast foods, sweet and salty snacks, tons of sugar (including my favourite whole nut chocolate) were on offer.

The holiday was fantastic, but I gained 5kgs during this short period. But years of hard training and nutritional experience have always helped me lose the extra weight gained after every December.

The following tips will help you lose the extra weight gained.

1)Make small changes too your diet by removing just one or two unhealthy foods weekly, to prevent withdrawal symptoms.
2) Replace the sugar in your coffee and tea with fructose.
3) Drop all sugary drinks, including 100 % juice and increase your water.
4) Replace all red meats with low fat white meats.
5) Replace normal breads with Low Gi health brown bread.
6) Replace all commercial cereals that are high in sugar with oats.
6) Replace unhealthy deserts and sweets with fat free yogurt mixed with fresh fruit, almond or macadamia nuts.
7) Replace all yellow or orange cheese with white fat free cottage cheese.
8) Replace sunflower oil with coconut or olive oil.
9) Abstain from or drink as little alcohol as possible.
10) Eat smaller meals 4- 5 times daily, and rather eat veggies or salad at night instead of starchy carbohydrates.

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Garin Joemath, born and raised in Johannesburg, is an Editor at a local community newspaper called the tame TIMES for 3 years now.