Lockdown and the payment of school fees

Lockdown and the payment of school fees

With parents around the country struggling financially, some are asking why they should pay school fees during the current lockdown.


According to the Schools Act, the payment of school fees is a statutory debt and parents are still required to pay, said Jack Deacon Deputy CEO  for school governing bodies, Fedsas.

The school fees help to pay school bills but most importantly the salaries of the teachers.


“There will be some savings on water, electricity and printing, but most expenses will be fixed like salaries, municipal fees, telecoms, security and so on.

It will be a disaster if SGBs (school governing boards) have to retrench about 150,000 educators and non-educators. Ultimately, the learners will lose.

Service providers and others will also suffer,” Deacon said.


He also stated that a number of schools are “open” and teachers are offering education via Zoom, WhatsApp, YouTube, SMS, Skype etc.


To make up for lost time during the lockdown there will also be extended school hours, weekend classes and shorter holidays.


“Schools should also be sensitive about the financial realities within the school community and if needed redo the budget for 2020,” Deacon said.


There is financial relief for parents who are struggling,  they can approach the SGB and apply in terms of the national regulations for the exemption of payment of school fees.


Source: Times Live

Photo Credit: Unsplash


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