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February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness month – This month is dedicated to highlight the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by making small behavioural changes.

The Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day, which is Friday, 21 February could not have come at a better time. Many people are well in the second month of the New Year after making New Year’s resolutions, which are commonly to achieve healthy living. Ekurhuleni’s health practitioner and manager for non-communicable diseases, Mrs Angie Ndhambi encourages residents to eat healthier and exercise regularly.

The key to embarking on a healthy lifestyle is to start small and not to break your bank balance. Residents should ensure they eat a balanced diet and join the City’s free aerobics sessions that are held every weekend across the City” said  Ndhambi.

“While regular exercise and keeping low sugar levels in one’s diet is highly recommended, communities are also advised to follow the diabetic portion plate to ensure a balanced diet” added Ndhambi.

The City of Ekurhuleni’s Fit For Free Aerobics programme entails three-hour sessions that are held every Saturday at different open spaces and stadia across the City and are free for the public. Visit the  for the aerobic session schedules.

During the sessions, Ekurhuleni health practitioners are on site offering free health screening services, which include Pap smear, HIV testing, blood pressure (BP), blood glucose (BG), weight (WT), and cholesterol screening.

The diabetic portion plate that is recommended for a balanced diet includes:

·         Half the plate should consist of fruits and vegetables.

·         One quarter of the plate should be ones’ choice of protein.

·         The other quarter should be filled with any starch.


Date:             8 January 2020

Time:            09:00 -12:00

Venue:          Germiston Lake