Here’s the rundown:

– Family applies for permit to have a funeral service
– Requests permission that service be held at home and church – times specified
– Church inspected by authorities for compliance
– Family gets affidavit
– Family invites attendees ( mourners)
– Pastor applies for permit to conduct funeral
– Pastor gets affidavit confirming he’s appointed by family
– Pastor explains regulation to family (such as no touching of corpse; sanitizing of hands, coffin, etc)
– Undertaker obtains affidavit clearly stating the route
– At church Pastor explains procedure before mourners enter
– Attendance register is completed
– Strictly 50 people allowed
– Service takes 1 hour
– Sanitize everybody;
– No sharing of Mics; dedicated Mics for Singers and MC
– Mic used for speeches be sanitized after every speaker
– Social distancing is a must!
– Pallbearers put on gloves
– After Service use designated route to cemetery . No deviation
– At cemetery gate, authorities inspect all documents and take originals (Make sure you have photocopies of everything, including the register)
– Mourners and cars are physically counted
– Each car must carry half the usual load
– Any person beyond the required 50 is denied access
– After short graveside Service you don’t fill up the grave, you leave it the Municipality workers will do the rest. 3 family members stay behind to witness the closure of the grave
– The rest of the mourners go back to the house, collect take away and leave. No hanging around; No after service prayer for the family
– All related Permits expire.


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