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Alberton Tutela’s Social Care Home continues to bring light and love into the lives of broken children and adults. 

tame TIMES along with their Tame Media Studio went to visit Tutela to speak to Karen van Heerden, Office Administrator of Alberton Tutela’s Social Care Home, to learn about the activities and programmes of this institution. “We are trying to break the mindset of people that think the function of social workers is to remove children from unfit homes and families.  We facilitate, support and coordinate preventive and aftercare social work services through service organizations to safeguard the wellbeing of children. This is achieved through group work and community development. Too many individuals in our communities experience and accept loneliness, abandonment, abuse and rejection as a way of living”, said Karen.

Karen further added that they have been protecting children, caring for their families, healing homes and developing Alberton and other communities for many years.

tame TIMES further learned that Tutela, in association with UKUBA ECD, believes that treating children appropriately and lovingly early in life, can prevent aggression and eradicate addictive and self-harming behaviour. On 9 August an event was hosted by the Afrikaans women’s magazine, FINESSE and tame TIMES had the opportunity to speak to Belinda Lourens, a Social Auxiliary worker about this unusual but exciting occasion. Lourens informed tame TIMES and Tame Media Studio that she and a trademark manager of the FINESSE magazine, Ninke Verloop, together with the Tutela home, made a difference on Women’s day. Women in South Africa could watch the latest Mamma Mia 2 movie “Here we go again!” at ten different cinemas in South Africa, clad in their pyjamas. Women who went to see the movie were requested to donate an item of non – perishable food. Fifty cans of food were donated and Tutela would ensure the food was delivered to those in need. Intensive planning went into the night as the ten Ster Kinekor Cinemas pressed the play button simultaneously. 

Alberton Tutela thanks tame TIMES, Ninke and Belinda and all the volunteers at all the branches for their contributions.

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Garin Joemath

Garin Joemath, born and raised in Johannesburg, is an Editor at a local community newspaper called the tame TIMES for 3 years now.

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