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Recovery time for Covid-19 virus.

Recovery time for Covid-19


If you contract Covid-19 your recovery time will depend on how sick you become.

Your current health issues, age and gender can increase your risk of becoming extremely ill with Covid-19.


What happens if you only have mild symptoms?

Most people who contracted Covid-19 will only have the main symptoms. These include a cough or a high fever.

But they can also experience body aches, fatigue, headache and a sore throat.

The cough initially is dry, but some people will start coughing up mucus which contains dead lung cells killed by the Covid-19 virus.


The fever normally will settle within one week, but the cough may remain for longer.

It takes two weeks on average to recover according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Mild symptoms can be treated with bed rest, plenty of fluids and paracetamol.

What happens if you have more serious symptoms?

 More serious symptoms can occur within 7 to 10 days of being infected.  The change is sudden.

As the lungs get inflamed, breathing becomes more difficult and some people have to be admitted to hospital for oxygen treatment.


According to GP Sarah Jarvis, “The shortness of breath may take some considerable time to improve… the body is getting over scarring and inflammation.”

Recovering can be two to eight weeks.

What happens if you are admitted to ICU?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) one out of every 20 people will need ICU treatment.

This can include being sedated and placed on a ventilator.


According to Dr. Allison Pittard, Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, it can take anything between 12 to 18 months to get back to normal after any spell in critical care.

Muscle mass loss occurs if patients are in hospital beds for a long period of time.

Muscles will take time to build up again and some patients will need physiotherapy to walk normally again.


Paul Twose, critical care physiotherapist at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board says there have been reports in

China and Italy of whole-body weakness, shortness of breath after any level of exertion, persistent coughing and irregular breathing, and needing a lot of sleep.

“We do know patients take a considerable period, potentially months, to recover.”


Source: BBC News Health

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Businesses and countries have placed restrictions on using Zoom

A London based bank decided to distance itself from Zoom after hackers exposed security flaws relating to Zoom.

This included inserting vulgar images into presentations or shouting racial insults to participants.

Unfortunately these “Zoom Bombings” have rattled users from around the world who are using this service to stay connected during lockdown.

Since March 2020, Zoom has an estimate of 200 million people using its system everyday.

Banks around the world are extremely worried about cyber security relating to customer information.

Germany and Taiwan, as well as Elon Musk’s SpaceX to New York City’s public school system has placed restrictions on Zoom.

In a statement, Zoom said many global customers including financial firms, telecommunications companies, universities and government agencies had performed “exhaustive security reviews” of its technology and chosen it as a service.

Eric Yaun, Zoom Founder, appointed former Facebook Inc Security Chief, Alex Stamos as an advisor on safety and privacy concerns to quell the immense backlash against Zoom’s alleged flaws.



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Lock Down Extension Phase 2 New Rules

Lock down Phase 2: Here’s what we know about rules and how restrictions will change

Lock down SA

Cooked food is still off the menu – and supermarkets can’t sell hot roast chicken or pies

There’s no sign of a relaxation on the alcohol ban

Cigarette sales remain banned

Emergency workers will be able to get their cars repaired – and you can call out a plumber or an electrician

Specifically included in the list of artisans allowed to do emergency repair work:
• Locksmiths
• Glaziers
• Roof repairers
• Plumbers
• Electricians

For more information follow link below

Support for survivors of abuse during lockdown

During this time of crisis in our country, we are extremely concerned about our women and children, living in abusive relationships. Social distancing and self-isolation can make living with an abusive partner even more challenging. The abuser might also use the COVIC-19 outbreak to exert further control and discourage victims from leaving the house. DO NOT LET COVID-19 PREVENT YOU FROM SEEKING HELP.

We encourage everyone to memorize and record the details of their closes crisis center, especially the phone numbers, so that a quick instant massage or a call an connect you to help you need. Many organizations will be working closely with the police over this period to intensify efforts of help and support.

Below is a list of centres that focus on helping those suffering from abuse.

· The Epic Foundation’s counsellors are available for telephonic counselling, WhatsApp counselling, and Skype if you prefer. We had several counsellors all over the country who have offered their services during this time. Below a list of our counsellors and their contact details should you require assistance.
· We list all the Lifeline Centers over the country as their lines will remain open and they will provide support and comfort. Lifeline will also work closely with the police and the shelters in the geographic areas linked to their centers. We listed all the LifeLine Centres nationally in the event that somone you know residing in another province needs help.
· Also included below is a list of other organisations open and offering support during this time.

ALSO REMEMBER: The police have increased it’s units dealing with women & child abuse. You can call ‪0800 150 150‬, and the Police will respond.

Counsellors supporting Epic Foundation during this time – although an area is indicated where they are – as this will be telephonic/whatsapp contact any of the counsellors listed can be used:

Alternatively, you can also send a WhatsApp to the Epic Foundation, with your name and the area you are in so that we can get one of our counsellors to reach out to you – ‪082 940 6230‬

Your Lifeline Centers across South Africa

Other organizations providing support during this time:

Kids Haven – Benoni Sam Mokgopha or Moira Simpson – ‪011 421 4222‬ – / – they will still be open to admit any children who are victims of abuse.

Teddy Bear Clinic – Shaheda Omar – ‪083 557 3720‬ – they will continue to render emergency services to victims who need it

Childline Gauteng – Lynne Cawood – their 24 hour remains open and they will provide assistance ‪0800055555‬

Amcare – Alberton – Marihet Infantino – ‪011 869 5856‬ – – their shelter will remain open during lockdown.

The Viva Foundation – Pretoria – Meleney Kriel – ‪079 954 4426‬

Optimistic Bikers Against Rape and Abuse – Celeste Louw – you can inbox, WhatsApp or telegram them on – ‪072 427 0187‬

POWA – East Rand and West Rand –Command Centre – ‪0800428428‬

South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Rape – will offer support via phone, WhatsApp, text voice or video calls – Rees Man – ‪083 325 2141‬ –

For further information, you are welcome to contact the Epic Foundation on or ‪082 940 6230‬.

Alta McMaster
CEO and Founder

More contact details:

Carla Geustyn 063 689 7299 Gauteng – Alberton/Germiston
Koleka Xaba 072 241 3119 Gauteng – Boksburg
Delene Strydom 084 777 4409 Gauteng – Bryanston
Jade Fletcher 071 404 9470 Gauteng – Douglasdale
Nondumiso Nyawo 062 779 7703 Gauteng – Honeydew
Riyasat-Jaan Khan 072 023 8187 Gauteng – Johannesburg/ Lenasia
Marjie Tracy 078 716 9495 / 081 404 3555 Gauteng – Midrand
Ayesha Karlie-Malagas 083 730 4556 Gauteng – Pretoria
Monica Fourie 083 412 2791 Gauteng – Pretoria
Palesa Tshetlo 066 225 7578 (call) / 067 676 8233 (WhatsApp) Gauteng – Pretoria

Plantinah Matsemela 072 645 7431 Gauteng – Pretoria
Botshelo Mosito 073 918 6088 / 082 073 2568 Gauteng – Pretoria
Madaba Khodani 076 251 9308 Gauteng – Pretoria Central
Precious Rupondo 072 389 4962 / 011 050 5281 Gauteng – Roodepoort/ Horizon View
Success Chauke 073 112 8962 Gauteng – Soshanguve/ Mabopane/ Hammanskraal.
Nonhlanhla Mazaleni 061 189 0859 Gauteng – Soweto/ Diepsloot
Michelle McCallum 082 510 4714 / 074 220 7958 Gauteng – Vaal Triangle
Razeena Saloojee 082 699 2256 Gauteng – Vaal/Jhb South
Zanele Mdhluli 079 867 8167 Gauteng – Westrand

Ntebaleng Pelo 0834373270 / 079 561 9777 Limpopo
Mulalo Nemabaka 082 210 3082 Limpopo – Polokwane
Naasira Lambat 079 777 1517 Limpopo – Potgietersrus
Octavea Mbuyane 063 698 5792 / 083 453 1063 Mpumalanga – Hazyview
Nasreen Parak 078 685 0321 Mpumalanga – Volksrust/Ermelo/ Newcastle
Possy Alucia Ngobeni 063 244 9517 Mpumalanga/ Nelspruit/Polokwane

Kayla-Tess Pattenden 079 513 7015 Cape Town
Manguvhewa Mutshinye 082 658 8189 / 063 601 1801 / 021 466 1588 Cape Town
Cindy-Lee Visagie 082 469 3915 Cape Town – Kraaifontein/ Bellville/Bothasig, Brackenfell/Durbanville/Edgemead/Kuils River/Joostenberg Vlakte
Lisa Roese 073 544 5372 Cape Town – Vredehoek
Ntokozo Msomi 071 032 3260 KZN
Yolanda Shiers 031 764 0492 / 083 564 7262 KZN
Nomcebyu Busisiwe Biyela 063 221 1558 KZN – Richards Bay


Braamfontein 011 715 2000 Molefi Takalo / Peter Maulana 062 299 2001 /
Durban 031 303 1344 Pravisha Dhanapalan 084 690 7533
Erkuhuleni 011 421 0384 Debbie Richards 072 253 1244
Free State 057 357 2746 David Mokoena 072 068 8159
Garden Route 044 343 2769 Brenda Tayler 081 430 2264
Johannesburg 011 728 1331 Isabella Holden 082 813 2710
Klerksdorp 018 462 7838 Michael Selala 076 572 4585
Mafikeng 018 381 0976 Mmaja Motjale 082 799 6304
Nelspruit 013 755 2635/755 3606 Annriette Slabber 082 554 1182

Northern Cape 053 832 8533 Brende Harker 081 312 3748
Pietermaritzburg 033 342 4447 Sinikiwe Biyela 082 592 6813
Polokwane 015 306 0340 Agnes
Pretoria 012 804 1853 Sonja Rayne 076 516 8824
Rustenburg 014 594 1455 Benjamin Makhoana 073 597 0828
Vaal Triangle 016 428 1740 Colleen Rogers 082 401 2296
Western Cape 021 461 1113 Glynis Depper
Westrand 011 665 2281 Karina Swart 071 896 1473
Zululand 035 789 2472 Michelle Jewlal 082 554 4244


Coronavirus Covid-19

President of SAMA provides clear answers on Covid-19

According to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, President of the South African Medical Association, the current Covid-19 situation in South Africa is stable.

The reason why statistics of recorded positive cases and deaths in South Africa is not rising rapidly is because we are in lockdown, but she believes that there will be an explosion of cases after the lockdown.  Between 18 and 20% of people are positive with Covid-19 but they do not show any symptoms.  These individuals will infect others after the lockdown, and this will lead South Africa into another disaster period with another lockdown very likely.

According to Dr. Coetzee, it is of no use trying to test everyone in South Africa.  SAMA still believes that only people that show symptoms must be tested.

SAMA together with the Minister of Health feels the need for every citizen to wear masks is becoming necessary because nobody knows who the 18 to 20% are.  For that reason, it will be better for all to wear masks.

She made it clear, however, that it is of no use to wear surgical masks for healthy people as it will not keep germs from getting to you. It will only keep your germs from spreading to others.  Material masks will work fine if it is washed daily.  If you fiddle with your mask, you must change it frequently as you are contaminating the mask.

It is also not necessary for people to wear gloves, in her opinion.  Properly washing your hands with normal soap and water will work the best.  Using antibacterial soap is completely unnecessary as it is designed for bacteria, not viruses.  Hand sanitizers will only work if the alcohol content is more than 70%.

When asked what her message to the nation is, she said: “Listen to what we are telling you.  If we say stay at home and don’t go to the shops, then don’t do go to the shops and stay at home.  Do not panic.  80% of all infected will be okay and will return to full health.“

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