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Catching up with Tevin Blignaut

tame Times had the privilege to meet with Tevin Blignaut, a motivational speaker from Roodepoort with a vision to promote hope for young and old in South Africa.

We spoke to Tevin to understand his ambition behind coaching and inspiration to help equip his target audience.

1. What is the motivation behind your initiative?
The vision of @Tevinthespeaker is to discuss the concept of purpose and the Kingdom message, all around the world, so that people understand it and live it. My mission is world peace through the idea of heaven on earth. Now, this may seem far fetched but the honest truth is that this vision and mission is so close, that all we have to do is reach out and grab it. In-fact, the mission is made by possible by the fulfilment of the vision. The concepts of peace, love, joy and righteousness will be the result of this message. And that is the motivation behind the brand of @Tevinthespeaker.

2. Who is your target audience?
The target audience is anyone who is willing to listen – because the message is for everyone. But the primary focus is on my generation and generations that are to come.

3. How do you plan your daily, weekly and monthly themes such as key lessons, success inspiration and dream coaching
I have developed a plan of action model that is centered around the book release of that year. As you may know, the book I have written and will be released at the end of February, is centered on purpose. So, my theme for 2020 is purpose. Next year, 2021, the theme will be introducing the Kingdom concept – which is the book I will be writing this year.

4. What challenges do you face as a motivational coach?
Time is definitely a challenge. You would think that since this is my work – I would have more time on my hands. But this is not the case, especially because of the detail I have to go into to be able to explain the topics so that everyone can understand them. This means I have to study – ALL THE TIME! Especially in cases where I have been invited to speak on a specific topic, I study new information and prepare it in such a way that it connects with people the first time they hear it. This is probably my greatest challenge.

5. How do you overcome those challenges?
Well, I understand that this is my gift. And so, because it is my gift, I know I need to refine it so that it becomes as sweet as sugar. I put these kinds of thoughts in my mind so that when it is time to study, I now look forward to it because it’s going to help make my gift better. Also, I have developed the skillset to learn and understand concepts quicker and this allows me to get through a lot of work.

6. Who is your greatest mentor?
Firstly, I have only a few mentors that I trust to give me advice and criticism. Not everyone has your best interest at heart – you must understand this. However, my greatest mentor has to be my father. His honest opinion on the many aspects concerning my life has always been to maximize who I am. And that is probably where the coaching aspect of my nature comes from.

7. Any people that have helped you reach this journey?
My mastermind. Check out the series on YouTube: Rediscovering the secrets to success, concerning this topic. My mastermind is filled with people who are purpose driven and Kingdom orientated. And so, the purpose and Kingdom message is all I hear. So, I am fed by it – we live it! My brothers and more especially my wife – if you spend just a moment with them – your perspectives on a lot of things will change.

8. Define yourself as a leader that desires to lead others in our society?
I definitely consider myself as a leader. And I encourage everyone around me, to feel that way about themselves as well. We are all leaders. We are all meant for greatness – so I would never allow myself to think that my leadership is greater than the next person. Because who knows who you’d be in the next five years or even in the next year? But what I do know is I have a message that will bring you into your greatest point of leadership.

9. How can you inspire men and women out there to not give up on themselves or their dream?
You must discover and understand the concept of purpose. Please do not chase success and the life of successful people. Pursue your purpose and you will naturally become successful. This is why you have to get my book! Always remember this: success is the result of purpose. And purpose only needs what you already have.