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Angry protesters damaged my car and injured my son


38-year-old Delisile Ngema was travelling Boksburg to Buhle Park with her 18 year old son, Ntokozo on the 7th of November on the long Boksburg road when they badly attacked by protesters who were protesting for service delivery.

Unfortunately, both the car and Ngema’s son were badly hurt, Ntokozo was rushed to Bertha Gxowa hospital in Germiston for medical treatment.

He has stiches on his face and has braces on his teeth, Ngema is thankful that son did not have to lose his teeth.

The incident has affected Ntokozo’s confidence and he has also missed some of his exams because he did not want other learners making fun of him.

“My son is missing his exams as we speak, he was badly hurt more than me and there is even a chance of having his tooth removed,” she said.

“I also suffered scratches on the head and arm I am also experiencing a painful headache” said distress Ngema.

According to the protestor hideout and once a car passes by, they attack the car. She also said that as she drove through the road there was no indication that there was an ongoing protest.

“It happened at night, it tells that the is an element of crime in it and the fact that they hide themselves behind trees and as a car pass, they come out an attack innocent people.”

“My car was smashed, and all the glasses were broke”

Ngema has reported the incident to the Elsburg police station and a case of malicious damaged to property has been filed.

She is not even sure how much it will cost her to fix her car.

“I have already had windows and a tyre replaced, I still need to take it for balancing and wheel aligning.”


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